...or when the world 


because in one frame

a child is playing by the sea,


in your mind at least—

falling through memory

and time.

But in another frame,

it is a Monday night

and the pots and pans

need washing,

and nothing is happening.

Just the world.

Just time.

-- from The closest thing to flying is seeing the world upside-down (2019)

I am a writer, artist, director and Storyteller who wonders what else stories can be and do. With a particular interest in metafictions, (historical) fantasy and the mortality of fictional characters, I experiment with writing and story development across mediums. My works have been described as “the bedtime stories that we forgot to tell” and reflect both a poetic sensibility and an attitude* inspired by the Heraclitan fragment “Time is a child playing…” I am driven by processes that strive to be experimental, instinctual, imaginative and accessible.


I earned a BA in Film & Media at Dartmouth College in the US and an MA in Digital Direction at the Royal College of Art in London. 


A few things I like

    to think about:

  • ​writing (in a fictional,

      immersive, poetic way) ​​

  • stories that are like testing grounds

  • musicals, epic poetry and

      (surreal) historical fictions

  • belief and coast lines

  • the edge of singing

  • alternative ways of accessing and generating stories


*Read about the development of this attitude here