-- from The closest thing to flying is seeing the world upside-down (2019)


You are about to enter THIS OCEAN BETWEEN, a story circus.

"What is a story circus?" you wonder.

"Well, that's just it!" I respond. It is a place for wondering. For wandering. For wondering and wandering about stories and what they can be.

In other words, THIS OCEAN BETWEEN is a circus of stories. It is an experiment in writing and reading in a more instinctual, imaginative, multilinear and performative way. It is a place to explore, and as you explore, you might feel like you are getting an inside, behind-the-scenes look at my writing. You might find yourself lost amidst indecipherable notes. You might catch moments of a story being written, live, and bear witness to all of the parts that will be left behind. It is both a place and a practice, and for now, let us wonder together about everything it could be. 


[THIS OCEAN BETWEEN is currently hosted on the free, online platform Miro. For guidance on navigating Miro, please see here.]

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