With words that don't exist 

I wanted to touch the color blue. I wanted to move through the words, the pages—to hold the story and let the story hold me. Standing on a hill by the sea, I wanted to sing a song, but I couldn’t find the words. So I made With words that don’t exist, using VR as a platform for writing and developing stories that maybe can’t be told, only held. Between the pages of my virtual writing desk, I propose a story development process that wonders what else a story can be when telling it feels like singing a song with words that don’t exist.


A two-part practice-based research project exploring writing narrative in and as a virtual platform. Through both traditional 'analogue' methods of writing a fictional story and creating virtual workspaces for developing and editing the writing, this project celebrates, challenges and expands my way of writing--a way that is embodied and spatial, archival and performative. As I try to write the story of a presence on a hill by the sea in this dual and dialectic​ way, what comes out are pieces of a poetic script--what is perhaps the 'necessary noise' to allow other, hidden writings to emerge. As a whole, this project is an experimentation in alternative ways of accessing and generating narrative that exploits the conceptual and technological virtualities of writing, narrative, character and memory.

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